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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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brookhaven delaware county. streets there are flooded. cars driving through a lot of water. some moving a little bit slower tonight. if you are headed home in all of this you'll want to take your time. good evening everyone i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland noland. >> i'm iain page. we've seen a tornado warning. thankfully that expired. parts of our area under a flood watch. >> let's get right over to women's jumps in our weather center tracking it all. scott it look like this rain is here to stay for little while. >> it really is, dawn and iain. we're looking at flash flood watches the entire area right now through overnight continueing through sick am tomorrow morning. as well as heavy rainfall and in fact we have some current flash flood warnings across the area. i'm going to step out of the way and show you some of the storm reports that we have seen over the last couple of hours with some of the activity moving through the area. you can see in atlantic county, several roads flooded in the collings lakes area with the fire department responding there there. and also we'll take look at
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what's been happening in sections of new castle county and you can see around newark some dime sized hail was reported there so certainly these storms have meant business across our area with very heavy rainfall and flash flooding. we'll zoom in to the philadelphia area right now. you can see we're looking at some of that moderate rain trying to move in to the center city area also points to the north of the city but right now still looking at very heavy rainfall flash flood warning until 7:30 for new castle county in delaware. claymont looking at heavy rainfall. wilmington. then moving into salem county right around the pennsville area heavy rainfall moving right back in. but look at the lightning right now around upper pitts grove moving toward al away this cell moving toward the pitts grove area as well as upper dee field. looking at heavy rain rainfall mainly couldn't find into northern sections of cape may county right now looking at very moderate rainfall. 1 inch to 2-inch rates per hour. so you can see we're not done with the rainfall as we expand the view and also look at that
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cell in salem county a lot of heavy rainfall as we put ultimate doppler in 3d. clouds tops about 30,000 feet. hail diminishing with that. look at ultimate doppler rainfall estimates over the last 24 hours. newark about 4.5-inches almost. moving toward folsom, hammonton over 3-inches of rain. so we still have that flood concern across our area as we watch all of the activity developing so over the next couple of hours you can see we're still looking at the rain. we'll take another look at ultimate doppler and talk about the other threats coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. when you're away from the tv tonight you can still stay connected with us download the fox 29 news app to stay updateed on developing weather zig it's free. just search for it in apple or google play stores. >> we suffered the loss of a great great public servant in beau biden. the son of vice-president biden but a force and a public person in his own right. >> politicians are remembering beau biden tonight.
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philadelphia mayor michael nutter reflecting about him today. >> son of vice-president joe biden died on saturday after a battle with brain cancer. he served as delaware's attorney general from 2006 to 2014. biden was also a member of the delaware national guard and planned to run for governor in 2016. funeral arrangements for beau biden have not yet announce. merchandising mania underway more than three months ahead of pope francis' historic visit to philadelphia. as part of the world meeting of families. >> today event organizers showed off the souvenirs they'll sell with retail partner philly based aramark when a million plus visitors commemorate the world meeting of families. our bruce gordon joins us now in studio. bruce you got to sneak peek at some of those items. >> let's will it the shopping begin. here in america no special occasion, no really big event actually counts unless we have a souvenir by which to remember it, and world meeting organizers well, they're making sure we have plenty of options. ♪ >> reporter: most
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philadelphians have only ever seen pope francis like this, on video from a distance. but on september 26th the pontiff comes here and philadelphia's mayor for one is already checking his app. >> we have 113 days an hour and nine minutes and 30 seconds until the world meeting of families starts. >> reporter: not too early to unveil the lit fanny souvenirs and momentos available online at world meeting later this month and it stands during the late september event itself. so what's for sale? >> well, there's rosary and crosses, cards and coins glass wear and plates and ornaments and jewelry and scarves and ties and backpacks. >> i had the pleasure of wearing our custom blue polo. >> reporter: there will be all the usual garments. polos and t-shirts and white light sip ups. >> we appreciate being part of event aramark ceo eric foss retail partner presented mayor nutter with the first world meeting jacket. the mayor says he's already
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shopping for a momento for his mother. there will be more than 200 items up for sale but not everything made the cut. this life size cardboard likeness of the pontiff was green lighted. but a pope francis bobble head doll seems unlikely to get the nod. >> we've had people approaching us for two years saying you have to sell this or must do this. and you really have to weigh what what's appropriate with what's fun. >> reporter: i said that bobble head was unlikely but it has not been officially ruled out. we'll keep you posted on the bobble head front. souvenir prices range from a dollar to 500 buck. aramark gets a cut of the merchandise profits. the rest will go toward paying off the event's $45 million price tag. dawn yes. >> all right, thank you, bruce. 19 people are without a home tonight after flames ripped through a delaware county house then spread to go three others. firefighters called to the home on the 400 block of bicly place in chester. they were called there about 1:30 this morning. firefighters say a fire inside a vacant row home quickly spread
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to three neighboring homes. it took them about an hour and a half to get the flames under control. 23 months probation, that's the punishment handed down to democratic state lawmaker guilty of conflict of interest charges. representative ron waters pleaded guilty to a total of nine charges along with probation waters has to resign from the state house. charges come after a lobbyist secretly recorded waters conversation wis public officials. the informant offered cash or gifts in exchange for promises of official favors. former representative harold james also pleading guilty today to a single count of conflict of interest. he got 12 months probation. charges are pending against three other state lawmakers from philadelphia all of them democrats. leaders of this south jersey high school say they'll turn parents away from graduation if they're not wearing the proper a tire. the dress code for guests is creating some controversy. >> but the school isn't backing down. tonight fox 29's weekend bill
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anderson is live in the newsroom tonight. bill, what are people saying about this? >> iain it's interesting you and i have had discussions in the newsroom about the pros and cons of social media. here it is. it's a perfect example of what can happen when a policy that's been in place for years gets out into social media. now people who previously quietly septembered the dress code are starting to ask if it's even appropriate. ♪ >> reporter: there's dress code for graduation here in washington township, new jersey. no jeans no shorts, no t-shirts and collared shirts are required. a dress code in this case for graduation is not that unusual except that in this case it applies to the parents and guests. although the district told me that this dress code policy isn't new, it recently gained steam on social media and it had people questioning whether or not the district or schools should be telling parents how to dress. >> as a parent, i don't agree with it. i could have just came from work hard construction job and
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i want rush to there to get to see my child graduate. so i don't agree with it 100%. >> you can look decent and formal while wearing shorts maybe a polo. i think it's a little farfetched. >> reporter: each -- each parent has their own kind of job or profession. they good there they should go as they come. >> reporter: no one from the district was available to go on camera washington township high school's principal sent me a statement saying "we believe the dress code helps provide an appropriate atmosphere for this very special occasion and setting standards is an important part of what an education should provide". >> the principal also told mow that this is a long-standing policy that has mostly been supported by the parents their guests and pretty much everybody whose attended graduation in the past. now the graduation is outside on the football field here at washington township high school in late june which have some questioning no t-shirt or shorts policy but the district told me that the policy isn't going anywhere and that's why they're making sure everyone who plans
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to attend is fully aware of that policy. now comments started to come in from viewers in the last hour. carol wrote since when is it appropriate for a school to dictate to parents what to wear. they are way out of line and need to be pulled back in. but sandra agreed with the policy and said it's appropriate. some people need guidance hash tag respect yourself. now, it remains to be seen if the policy that was previously quietly enforceed for years leads to difference response this year now that so many are aware of it. dawn. >> we shall see. thank you, bill. it's the cover people can't stop talking about. caitlyn jenner on the cover of vanity fair magazine. the former olympian previously known as bruce jenner came out as a transgender in april and in an interview with diane sawyer. she's photographed on the cover of the magazine by annie liebowitz. the kardashian family tweeting out words of support. kim said how beautiful.
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be happy be proud live life your way. chloe tweeting i couldn't be prouder. caitlyn jenner herself joining social media today. she already racked up about a million followers and counting. in the few hours she's been on twitter. a lot more on this story online on coming up tonight on fox 29 news at 10:00 o'clock. the start of the new york work week comes with a promise of more money for low wage earners in delaware. the state's new minimum wage increases today from $7 and 75 cents an hour to $8 and 25 cents an hour. but a whim ming ton democrat says that's not enough. senator robert marshall wants to increase delaware's minimum wage to 450 sent increments to $10.25 an hour by the year 2019. if you're curious about phillies bike sharing program listen up. all you need 1 dollar to trite out. tomorrow walk up customers any of the indigo stations can pay a
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dollar to ride for 30 minutes. there are about 60 of them throughout the city. that deal will be good on the first tuesday of every month until about 10:00 p.m. typically, walk up rider boss pay four bucks for a half hour. riders can pay with a credit card at any station kiosk. a big day at the camden police department. promoted 10 new lieutenants and three captains including the city's highest ranking latino female police officer. camden native linda alicia was promoteed to lieutenant today. she grew up in north camden and became a police officer in 1999 with the former city police department. as a lieutenant shell make command of all patrol and neighborhoods response team units in the city's fourth district covering whitman park and parkside. and moments after that promotion promotion, the puerto rican flag was raised to mark the month long celebration of puerto rican culture leading up to the san jawn battista parade at the end of the month. >> a pennsylvania man accused of
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of making threats on facebook is off the hook much the reason the supreme court throughout his conviction. plus before you order that big mack for dinner tonight listen up. mcdonald's is changing the way it makes its burgers and it has to do witness buns. we'll explain next. howard? >> football it's almost 12 months a year every year for us here in philadelphia. and as the eagles get ready the quarterback position is the biggest question. sam bradford going to be healthy to star the season? hear from mark sanchez just in case.
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♪ let's take live look at drives on city avenue in bala cynwyd, montgomery county. you can see some ponding on the roads out there and of course the conditions could get slick out there tonight when you're away from the tv as well download or fox 29 news app to stay updated on the developing weather situation. it's free just search in the apple or google play stores. a pennsylvania man convicted of making threats on facebook
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has his conviction thrown out by the supreme court. fox 29's joyce evans joining us now and this is quite the victory for this game joyce. >> it is a big victory for him dawn and iain, and for some civil liberties groups two who are urging the court to make it tougher to convict people solely based on threats posted on social media. anthony a lanai's of freemansburg was prosecuted under a law that make it a crime to threaten another person. prosecutors say alanis posted rants on face bock in the form of rap lyrics they claim in those posts he mentioned killing his wife shooting up a school and hurting police officers. alanis said the government had no right to prosecute in saying he didn't intend for his comments to be threatening. chief justice roberts saying that there's just not enough there for prosecutors to show that the man's comments would make a reasonable person feel threatened but the court did not specify exactly what the standard of proof should be in
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cases like this. critics say this is a set back for domestic abuse cases. iain? >> all right, joyce, thank you. the before you head to mcdonald's for your next meal check this out. apparently the burger giant is changing how it makes its burgers and starting with its buns. mcdonald's will now toast burger buns 52nds longer so the bread will be 15 degrees warmer it will bring the heat to its burger patties the change -- chain says the change will make the grill its beef so it's juicier. that's what they say. >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. scott you've been track something severe and dangerous weather for us all evening. >> yeah, dawn and iain, we're not out of the woods yet. we still have flash flood watch in effect overnight through 6am tomorrow morning for ponding on the roadways as well as flash flooding. we've already seen flash flood warnings in sections of south jersey as well as northern sections of delaware. so around philadelphia north and west into montgomery as well as bucks county the atmosphere a
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little more stable but take a look south philadelphia, south jersey also moving into sections of delaware. that's where we have the lightning showing up right now on ultimate doppler. i want to focus in light now on what's happening in sections of cumberland county. as we look at this cell, this is the same cell that prompted a tornado warning earlier in salem county. now trying to show some signs of rotation as it moves into sections of cumberland county. of course, we're looking at some of the sheer markers where you see that blue showing some weak shear in the atmosphere so it is showing some early signs of rotation right now around the stow creek area moving toward bridgeton right now not a tornado warning on this, this is certainly something that we'll continue to monitor as we see some signs on ultimate doppler of some early rotation with that cell in cumberland county. around the philadelphia area most of the heavy rainfall north of the city right now and also moving back toward the conshohocken area looking at very heavy rainfall moving back into sections of delaware county
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looking at some of that heavy rainfall and then around sections of wilmington you're still looking at that moderate to heavy rain moving back over to the north of the pennsville area and then as we move down the shore still watching some pockets of some heavy rainfall but not like the heavy rainfall we saw the last hour or so. but take look. coming out of sections of maryland moving into the middletown, delaware area very heavy rainfall with that cell and you can see the areas highlighted in green we have the flash flood watch until 6:00 o'clock for downpours as well as ponding. atmosphere is unstable especially south of that frontal boundary and you can see it's going just set up shop over the next several hours. by 10:00 o'clock when you're tuning back we'll still be monitoring for heavy rain across the area. we get a break tomorrow morning but we'll keep some fog some pockets of light showers around. then by lunch time most of the action will be south and east of philadelphia as that frontal boundary tries to clear our area so once again tomorrow we'll
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have showers around but most of coverage will be in south jersey jersey. how much rainfall to expect over the next several hours or so into the overnight? you can see most locations closing in over an inch to an inch and a haver. 65 degrees right now. raining in center city. so it is going to be kind of damp and dreary. if you're stepping outdoors and remember don't drive through any flooded roadways find an the nat round turn around. 68 for the high temperature tomorrow. scattered showers around. most of the coverage south and east. low 70s wednesday and thursday. then thursday into the first part of the weekend we'll keep things unsettled with scattered showers around temperatures climb back into the low 80s we'll have another update of course at 7:00 o'clock live right here on fox 29. >> all right. scott, thank you. >> howard. >> tennis big upset at the french open tennis today and the number one seed almost went down. eagles quarterback position is one to keep an eye on. that's if sam bradford is now ready. we don't know yet. hear from one of t
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the sportier utility vehicle. >> eagles lost day of practice when they canceled their day of ota's because of the weather forecast. chip kelly saw the forecast, canceled today's practice. so he loses that day on the field. as it turns out it never rained and no thunderstorms during the day at broad and patison. the quarterback situation still
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remains the one that has the most interest for fans. last year mark sanchez was the quarterback for nine games for the eagles. the eagles hope that sam bradford is healthy to start the season. but if not mark sanchez is your quarterback again. but that's what every quarterback prepares him for when it's game time. >> i don't want to say this the wrong way. before i say it, i'm not worried about anybody's health. we want everybody to be healthy that doesn't effect how i prepare or you know transition into this next season. all of us come into the quarterback room and walk in the had you had dull you act like you're the starter. that's the only way i know how to play. >> one epp set at the french open. round four and the defending on the women's struggles to advance. let's go to rolling garr rows in paris. serena loses the first set one-six. obviously not a good one. she's in the near court. she comes back to win against sloan stevens. the number two seed lost that's defending champion and that's
6:26 pm
maria sharipova. lucy, is her opponent. sharipova loses seven-five six- six-four and she is history. all right. the phillies are on a seven game losing streak that's the longest of the season. it's longest since july of 2013. up next the reds come to town tomorrow. now the entire phillies organization at the ballpark tonight for the phillies annual festival to help in the fight against als. current phillies there some legends of the past like mike schmidt are there as well. since 1984, when the phillies first started this event they've raised over $15 million for als research. i got an idea how they could have raised lot. did you know dang for ruben amaro and ryne sandberg. (laughter). >> i don't think they had that. >> you may have something there. >> that does it for us here a it to into the the 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪♪
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call me caitlyn. the former bruce jenner as a pin-up. >> this is bruce jenner. >> no, are you serious? >> she's beautiful. and tracy morgan in tears. >> i said, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> the tv comic's live interview about the accident that almost killed him. >> and the doctor and nurse who brought him back from the brink. then, mila kunis stalker nightmare. >> he's on the loose after scaling a 12-foot fence to escape a mental health facility. and sisters in mourning. funeral for the family slaughtered in the d.c. mansion murders. then, singer enrique iglesias drone disaster. how it


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